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Nakheel Harbour and Tower (KEY FACTS)

Nakheel Harbour and Tower (KEY FACTS)

• The project will take in excess of 10 years to complete, but completion will be phased, with various stages coming on line much earlier

• The project location is at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Arabian Canal, with Waterfront to the west and Deira to the east

• It will cover an area over 270 hectares

• It includes the world’s only inner city harbour

• It includes a tower that will be more than a kilometre high

• Apart from the Nakheel Tower there will also be another 40 towers ranging in height from 20 floors to 90 floors (250 meters to 350 meters)

• Nakheel Harbour & Tower will be home to more than 55,000 people and a work place for more than 45,000 people

• There will be more than 19,000 residential apartments. These will include a diverse mix of housing – from affordable family homes to exclusive villas and penthouses.

• There is more than 950,000 m2 of commercial and retail space

• There will be more than 3,500 hotel rooms. There will be a super luxury 100 room hotel at the top of Nakheel Tower

• There will be approximately 30,000 workers involved in the development of the Nakheel Harbour & Tower

Open space experiences:

• Nakheel Tower public space: to complement the dramatic height and volume of the tower, an expansive, breath-taking crescent-shaped open space “rings” the tower and extends out into the neighbouring districts

• The (Arabian) Canal Promenade: visitors and residents will have access to over 3.9 km around the tower precinct of meandering canal promenade environment and stretching to over 10 km along the entire embankment. As one of the unique features of this development, the canal promenade will connect Sheikh Zayed Road to Emirates Road through a myriad of urban experiences and spectacular views to the Tower

• Internal public space: while every block will be identifiable by a unique common internal open space, a series of distinctive neighbourhoods are planned. Weaving through the precinct blocks will be a chain of interlinked open and public spaces. Residents and visitors will be able to stroll through connected paths, plazas and courtyards stretching over 1800m, while experiencing the uniqueness of every community block

• An eight hectare canal district along the bank of the canal will incorporate a network of waterways. This district will also allow for the most desired vantage points towards the tower. Onlookers will be able to see the uniqueness of an over a kilometre high tower with a bustling marine harbour at its base

• To provide an active connection to the Ibn Battuta district, a ‘living’ bridge is planned over the canal allowing a seamless urban experience. This will be complemented by another iconic pedestrian bridge connections overlooking the Arabian Canal

Nakheel Tower

Nakheel Tower KEY FACTS

• The Nakheel Tower will be more than a kilometre high

• It will have over 200 floors

• There are approximately 150 lifts

• The design structure of four separate elements allows for structural rigidity while also allowing the wind to pass freely in the spaces between the skybridges reducing the overall wind load

• Total volume of concrete will be 500,000 m3

• All of the reinforcing bars laid end to end could stretch from Dubai to New York (1/4 of the way around the world)

• The tower has 20 kilometres of barrettes – (almost 400 barrettes). Barrettes are a form of pile used to make the foundation. A single foundation barrette has the capacity to support a 50 storey building.

• The building has enough cooling capacity to air-condition over 14,000 modern homes or to service 14 luxury resort Hotels each with 2,000 rooms and all the public areas and amenities

• The building is so tall that it experiences five different microclimatic conditions over its height, each with individual design features

• The temperature in the atmosphere at the top of the building can be as much as 10 degrees cooler than the bottom

• Due to the high speed shuttle lifts one may be able to see the sunset twice from the bottom and again from the top of the building

• The goal is to achieve the highest LEED certification we can for a building this size

• There will be approximately 10,000 car parking spaces in Nakheel Tower

• Nakheel Tower and podium combined will be in excess of 2million m2


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